Space for artistic practice and development

The Theaterwerkstatt Bethel is an open artistic centre

Since 1983, everyone has been able to discover and develop their own artistic practice here: at rehearsals, performances, workshops or conferences. Our philosophy of »Volxkultur« offers interested persons the opportunity to undergo socio-cultural experiences and to get to terms with, design and develop further theatre and other artistic means of expression.


Here all people who are interested in the arts can find opportunities and professional support for their theater work without any prerequisites.


The responsible body of the establishment is the sector »bethel.regional« of the foundation v. Bodelschwingsche Stiftungen Bethel. The Theaterwerkstatt Bethel is widely networked through membership in various associations and initiatives and through numerous local, regional and national collaborations. We are also supported by third-party funds from various funding programs.

The Theaterwerkstatt Bethel offers people very different ways of access to participate in and contribute to its projects. There is basically only one precondition: an interest in theatre or in cultural activity.

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Since 2005 the artistic activity of the Theaterwerkstatt Bethel takes place under the name of »Volxtheater« (theatre of/for the folks).

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Since 2016 there is the »Volxakademie für inklusive Kultur« (academy of inclusive culture of/for the folks). Here too, people with very different backgrounds get involved with projects.

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Specialist service for the performing arts

Fachdienst Darstellende Künste

We also offer our specialized knowledge and experiences on cultural education, further education and training, as well as organizational development to various target groups.

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The Theaterwerkstatt Bethel is also active in schools and colleges. Together with classes from different school types, we give students the opportunity to learn a lot about their own body with all its range in movement and expression.

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Would you like to join in? Then please contact us.

We want to create an atmosphere in all of our offerings in which people open up to others and other things. We would like to make allowance for everybody to be able to participate.


For that, no artistic experience is necessary at all. And if you have a need for support, let us know. We will find a way.


Theaterwerkstatt Bethel
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