Many ways to participate

Different offers for all interested people

The Theaterwerkstatt Bethel offers people very different ways of access to participate in and contribute to its projects. There is basically only one precondition: an interest in theatre or in cultural activity. As all personal distinguishing features, qualities, characters, origins, ages, sex, disabilities, strengths/weaknesses and so forth is of no importance whatsoever.


Everybody is welcome to come just the way they are and participate, with all their characteristics and with no need for any experience. If anyone needs support, we are available to help. With our various offerings – such as Volxtheater workshops or topic-related projects – we offer everyone individual entry opportunities. Our open working method enables a very individual artistic growth in the interplay with others. In the artistic process, social barriers are softened and overcome, attitudes and ideas are exchanged, and collective work is realized. Within the Theaterwerkstatt, artistic processes are based on partnership and an equal-rights dealing with each other.


It is a matter of picking up interests and creating an environment that takes a common experimentation forward. In the foreground always stands an open exchange of ideas among the participants that allows conversation and that integrates the diversity of everyone in a manner that is low in hierarchy. Our working method is always an open-ended process that, in this way, can respond to different people with their multiple abilities. A nonviolent communication is just as important to us as an apprecitive dealing with each other. With the help of methods of inclusive and diverse theatre practice, we enable various persons to get access to each other. People who don't find any points of contact in their everyday lives, for example, meet here and exchange ideas on a specific topic. In this way, everyone gets to know new perspectives, prospects expand and everyone gets the opportunity to show themselves.

The practice of our projects is dependant on the exchange of ideas of all people involved, as well as the exchange of ideas with experts on subject areas such as dance education, theatre work, inclusion and culture. This dialogue with equal rights alongside the great variety of people and their points of view is central to our work.


The essential parts of the Theaterwerkstatt Bethel are:

  • Volxtheater (theatre of/for the folks)
  • Volxakademie (adademy of/for the folks)
  • Fachdienst Darstellende Künste (specialist service for the performing arts)
  • Cultural education in schools and colleges